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About Us

Volkswagen BusPierce Auto Parts was established in 1935. Bruce Pierce purchased the business from his father in 1972 and began specializing in Volkswagens.  The business has just transitioned into Pierce Auto Parts, LLC in 2009.  This is a name change only.  It is still the same business with the same staff offering quality vehicles and outstanding service.

Today the business handles many high-end vehicles including the full line of Volkswagens and Audis.  While not a franchised dealer, many of the vehicles on the lot are purchased directly from Volkswagen of America at their auctions in the Northeast.

Meet Our Staff

Craig Loomis

Craig Loomis, Co-owner, is Pierce Auto Parts, LLC Buyer, and is in charge of Sales.  It is his experience that comes into play when he evaluates vehicles at auctions, and it is he who helps to troubleshoot these vehicles and prepares them for sale.

Joseph Nassimos

Joseph Nassimos, Co-owner, is the Computer Expert at Pierce Auto Parts, LLC.  Vehicles of today run on numerous electrical components, and it takes a computer expert to repair many of the intricate problems that can arise in the electrical system of a vehicle.

Sheila Nassimos

Sheila Nassimos, Office Manager.  Sheila is Carol’s daughter, Joey’s wife, and Craig’s sister.

Joe Findley

Joe Findley, Mechanic.  Joe has been at Pierce Auto Parts, LLC for over 20 years, and has worked on every model of Volkswagen and Audi that has come through the doors.  He is not just a mechanic, but a problem solver.

Kevin North

Kevin North, Mechanic. “Northy”  is always wearing a smile (sometimes devious), and is always ready, willing, and able to assist or do any job that comes in.

Bruce Pierce

Bruce Pierce, Principal Owner.

Devon Schubert

Pierce Auto Parts newest employee! Devon Schubert starting working summers while still in high school and has become part of the Pierce team. As many customers make waiting appointments Devon has become very proficient in many jobs that all technicians perform here and has become a reliable member of our team.


For sales inquiries contact craig@pierceautoparts.com

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